Organic & Fairtrade Coffee Roasters

Owens Coffee are an artisan West Country coffee supplier and roaster. We produce high quality, award winning coffee which is 100% Organic and Fairtrade. Our coffees are profiled, blended and roasted by us, therefore we are 100% in control of the quality, blend, freshness and flavour. In this competitive and complicated world, often driven by quantity rather than quality, we like to keep things simple. Owens are all about an enjoyable coffee experience which is achieved through some basic principles: Taste, Quality, Sustainability and Great Service!


We work closely with our importers to source green coffee which, once roasted, tastes really special. We buy from origins that we have found to be reliable and where the flavour profile matches our expectation for a consistently well rounded cup of coffee. Our roast profiles have been tried and tested in order to extract the finest flavours from our beans, we do not over roast our coffee, we want you to be able to taste the subtle characteristics of the beans rather than the roast itself!


Quality has always been of paramount importance to our business. We choose to use 100% Arabica beans in all our blends as we don’t believe in sacrificing quality to compete for a lower price. We also regularly ‘cup’ our coffee at our roastery, this ensures that every origin we buy, blend & roast can stand up to our quality standards.


We roast only certified Organic coffee and are strong advocates for Fairtrade. Certified Organic, shade grown coffee is better for the farmers and better for the environment. Coffee grown in the shade grows slower, is more sustainable and just plain tastes better than coffee grown in full sun. Mixed crops grown in the canopy above the coffee provide farmers with food and a diverse ecosystem that is home to a variety of birds and wildlife. Our 100% focus on Fairtrade sees us currently generate a substantial annual Fairtrade premium which goes back to the coffee co-ops. The current trend for direct trade coffee is a great advance in ethical trading of green beans, however buying fairtrade products ensures a regular, ongoing and fair price for farmers throughout the seasons, rather than just as a one off purchase. Fairtrade not only gives farmers a good price for their beans but also puts in place infrastructure and support for their families and communities too which in the long run helps farmers improve the quality of their coffee crops.


We love coffee but we also like to make sure it is served in a considered way in a great environment. We don’t just regard ourselves as coffee suppliers but rather key partners in your business with the aim of mutual success. With any new customer we offer visits to our roastery and complimentary barista training for cafe & restaurant staff. We also inform retailers of our coffee profiles so they can talk with passion and sincerity about our product, in turn increasing sales. Owens is held in high regard by many top quality cafes and restaurants, so we can supply new customers with an array of point of sale products that show off they are using a highquality, ethical coffee. Our support doesn’t stop at the set up, training is ongoing. We are regularly in touch with our customers, through courtesy calling, order taking and deliveries which makes for a smooth and friendly service.